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Rua Barão São Januário nº 33, 3º sala 35

4470-473 Maia


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Tracy & Alex

Thanks to Monica, and their Portugal-based company LUXE, my husband and I were able to celebrate our amazing dream wedding in Porto. Ultimately, we were so pleased with the results of their efforts that I highly recommend the company's services for any challenging event planning.
Originating from New York City, we spent a considerable amount of time searching for a wedding planner in Portugal that best suited our needs and ideas for this special occasion. After interviewing Monica, we felt that they presented us with the best combination of entertainment, elegant design and most inspiring historical featured plan for a wedding. This team offered us a variety of options to choose from within each wedding category (venue, caterer, entertainment, stylist, etc.), made sure to present us with examples of the selected options, and provided effective suggestions. In addition, the team constantly kept us updated on every detail involved with the wedding and promptly responded to our changes and adjustments.
Overall, their hard work and dedication resulted in wonderful memories. They certainly deserve our wholehearted gratitude for transforming our dream wedding into a reality.